Hello New Color

A new hair color can transform your whole attitude. And a popular way to liven it up is with a bold hue. But making a color change doesn’t have to be over-the-top; subtle changes to your existing color can also have a strong impact.


If you’re already a blonde, soft tones of buttercream, cafe au lait, or vanilla latte add variation of depth. Adjusting the tones but not the all-over color is a fresh approach to updating your color with less commitment and upkeep.



When rich shades of espresso, carob, or mocha are woven into naturally brown hair, a beautiful depth comes to life in a very natural looking sort of way.



Red heads can play with tones too by adding bold fiery shades like cinnamon, copper, and gold. Or go the opposite direction by infusing softer, subtle hues like caramel or creme brulee for balance, depth, and dimension. Either way, the added tones will beautifully enhance natural shades to create a look you’ll love.

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