The Top 5 Ways To Cut Down Your Drying Time

The luxury of having 30 minutes—or more—to blowdry your hair is usually reserved for the weekend date night or special occasions. On ordinary days, you have to make do with much less time. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the house with damp hair. Here are five tips to help you quickly and efficiently dry your hair.

1. End game

After shampooing, condition only the ends of your hair, and work very little product into your scalp. The more conditioner you use, the longer it takes for your hair to dry—especially if you use a moisture-rich hair masque.


2. Go micro

Wrap your hair in a micro-fiber towel to absorb most of the moisture.


3. Heat helper

Use a heat-protection spray like Sexy Hair Hot Sexy Protect Me. Most of these specialty products contain a special silicone that will speed up drying time. Plus, as the name suggests, it helps protect your hair from the damage caused by heat-styling tools.


4. Get to the root

Blowdry all the moisture from your scalp first. Flip your hair forward and blast those roots. Once your scalp is dry it will push the moisture out towards the ends and help smooth the cuticle too.


5. Added bounce

For quick curls, gather your hair into a high pony tail and curl just the ends. Slide the pony out and shake curls for instant bounce. Top with a finishing spray like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray to complete the (very simple) look.

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