Elegant Layers Haircut

Elegant Layers


This is a longer layered haircut that boasts very soft, shattered layers to create volume and movement. The front area includes face-framing pieces, which allows for more styling versatility when creating curls or when worn straightened around the face.

This layered cut shows that hair falling below the shoulders doesn’t have to be cut all one length. By varying the texture and length, it creates a shape that looks natural and lived in. This cut is high on the trend radar for those who absolutely love long hair but want to add some visual interest.

In general, this style works best on women with fine to medium hair types that are straight to somewhat wavy. On finer hair, this cut creates the illusion of more density—and adds body—by loosely curling the mid-lengths and ends. Most face shapes can wear this cut, but trimming shorter cheek-skimming layers will help elongate rounder face shapes.


Apply a golf ball-size amount of Blossom Jojoba Silky Volume Mousse. Blow dry with large round brush to create volume, then curl with large barrel curling iron to created soft waves in hair.

For a second look with this cut, tie your hair into a high ponytail, gather the length, and twist around until you create a bun. Slip a lightweight fabric elastic over the top of the bun and pull pieces loose for a lived-in top knot.

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